Welcome to month four, where you will be surrounded in holiness.  My hope is that the holy reflections will lead you into a deeper holy week.


Video Lesson

I suggest that you watch this first to give you a big picture overview of what to expect this month.  I will discuss with you some of the key lessons that I was experiencing this month and encourage you to think about what matters in your own life.  To get the most from this lesson, you can download and print the teaching section from the Companion Guide for you to take notes.




Chapter 4: APRIL – Surrounded by Spirit: Being in the Midst of Holiness

I’ve always taken the 40 days of Lent as a way to grow in holiness. This year, I couldn’t escape it. Growing closer to God meant that I would need to grow closer in His ways. Deeper and deeper the holy was surrounding me, pulling me within like never before. I invited and encountered the Holy Spirit’s fire of love. A larger mission permeated my being as I was transcending from Finding IT (my business) to finding my holy ambition.

Download the chapter HERE.



workbookCompanion Guide

For this month, use the Companion Guide too see how God is Calling you. Ponder how you are going to live this month’s questions. What kind of wake-up call are you receiving?  How might you need to see differently with new eyesight and new insight?  Pray the prayer for the month and soak in the messages from the featured song. List your gratitudes on what you are thankful for. Take notes on what you learn from the Video Lesson and the Group Coaching Call.  Reflect on what God wants you to take to heart this month and how you will take action to implement it in your life.

Download and print the Companion Guide HERE.



There are many resources that I encountered this month.  For more on each of them, you can refer to the information below.



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