More than a book, it’s a transformational experience!

Love Affair with God, a year-long spiritual and transformational experience, is an online training program that helps you deepen your relationship with God.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join my heart from the comfort of your home and at the time that works best for you each week through my membership site with online videos, eBook, and companion guide as I take you on a spiritual journey of falling in love with God

Join me as a companion as we travel together into the depths of our hearts to love God more than ever before.  Make this year be the year that matters most, as you spend more time than ever with the One who matters most.  You’ll be guided along all year as we explore how to enrich our faith and love more deeply.

Final02 (1)Each month you’ll:

  • Download and read the insightful reflections from the eBook Love Affair with God
  • Print and complete the accompanying exercises from the Companion Guide to Love Affair with God
  • Delve deeper into your faith experience through the monthly themes shared in the video lessons presented by me
  • Engage with the community of seekers like you with the Online Forum and Online Coaching Calls
  • Learn more about God’s dream for your life and the four inspired secrets to lasting happiness in the BONUS programs

$47 – 2022 Program price



Foreword by Immaculee IlibagizaImmaculeeJanae

Immaculee, one of my spiritual heroes, wrote the foreword to the book (us pictured together)!  You can download the foreword here!  If you don’t know about her yet, she’s an incredible holy woman who speaks all around the world on how to love God, the power of forgiveness, hope for our lives and many other things.  She’s a New York Times Bestselling Author with her book Left to Tell.  You can find out more about her by clicking here.

“Not since the days of Plato and Buddha and Confucius, some 2500 years ago, has there been such an uprising of spiritual yearning. The explosion of spirituality is now happening worldwide.  Love Affair with God is an example of a spiritual quest, urging people to wake up to their spiritual possibilities.” 

–  Jean Houston, Ph.D., Visionary Thinker, Human Potential Movement Founder, Author of A Mythic Life and Jump Time

“Most of us have God experiences in our lives but we walk right past them, usually too busy to stop and reflect on what they mean. Janae Bower not only stops to reflect on these God experiences in ordinary life but enlarges them and thus inspires us to see similar God experiences in our own lives. She is, indeed, having a love affair with God.” 

–  Janet O. Hagberg, spiritual director, author of Real Power and The Critical Journey

“Janae Bower is a true gift from God – in my life, for all those who know her, and for everyone who is impacted by her powerful work and message.  This new book, Love Affair with God, is a must read for anyone on a spiritual journey, regardless of where they are.  You will be moved, touched, and inspired!”

– Mike Robbins, author of Focus on the Good Stuff

“Have you ever felt that you are being wooed by God or that God is calling you to his heart? Love Affair with God will help you draw closer to God and engage in a deeper relationship with Him.  Join Janae Bower as she shares her love, faith, and encouragement with you in this book.”

–  Hope Lyda, author of Prayers for My Dear Friend and One-Minute Prayers for Women

“In her latest book, Janae Bower shares her faithful journey of transformation in ways that cause us to connect more deeply with our own spiritual journeys. Janae writes with integrity as she lives her life with integrity: with clarity about her purpose and values, passion and a commitment to serve as a catalyst for transformation and healing.”

–  Al Watts, author of Navigating Integrity

“Love Affair with God is a breath of fresh air for those looking to be inspired.  Janae Bower gives the reader a first-hand glimpse into her heart and her deep connection with God.  The vulnerability and honesty of her writing will touch your soul and motivate your heart to action. Let Janae inspire your journey by leading you step by step through her own!” 

–  Aimée Petra, CEO, professional singer, philanthropist

EbookGodeBook Overview

This is a love story unlike any you’ve ever read.  Journey with Janae Bower as she goes on one of the greatest adventures of her life traveling the depths of her heart as she falls in love with God.  The love affair that no one originally knew about in Janae’s life ends up being the very thing she wants no one to live without.  It will help you personally encounter the love of God.

LOVE GOD. The secret is simple. Living out this secret in our overstuffed and overwhelmed lives seems simply impossible. You’ll see how:

  • it is possible and has the possibility to change your life
  • falling in love with God helps keep you from falling apart
  • having this type of affair elevates all the affairs of your life

Table of Contents & Chapter Synopsis (available CLICK HERE)

Chapter 1: JANUARY – God Calling: Getting Hit on the Head with New Vision

Chapter 2: FEBRUARY – A Love Affair: Opening the Door to the Divine

LoveGodEditedChapter 3: MARCH – Read the Writing in the Sky: Seeing your Destiny Above You

Chapter 4: APRIL – Surrounded by Spirit: Being in the Midst of Holiness

Chapter 5: MAY – Clarity Revolution & Spiritual Evolution: Receiving A Call to Leadership

Chapter 6: JUNE – Revealed and Sealed: Unfolding Your Love Legacy

Chapter 7: JULY – Profound Pilgrimage: Awakening of Spiritual Significance and Devotion

Chapter 8: AUGUST – Return IT Backward: Vowing to Give and Live with Gratitude

Chapter 9: SEPTEMBER – Spiritual Gifts and Rebirth: Manifesting Your True Work

Chapter 10: OCTOBER – Up for the Challenge: Answering the Call to Live What Matters Most

Chapter 11: NOVEMBER – A Discerning Heart: Embracing the God-Infused Dream for Your Life

Chapter 12: DECEMBER – Love Divine: Giving the Gift of a Spiritual Legacy

workbookeBook Companion Guide

As my love story is unfolding, my desire is that you are seeing yours starting to unfold.  I’ll guide you in the Companion Guide on how to encounter your own love affair through:

  • A prayer and song for each month as you embark on the themes revealed in this journey
  • Practicing gratefulness, a place you can capture what you are grateful for
  • Taking notes on what you learn from your “companion guides” throughout this experiences
  • Thought-provoking questions to dwell on and respond to related to your own spiritual quest
  • Journaling insights related to your personal reflections and spiritual growth
  • A reflective learning process and that will you contemplate and evaluate your inspired action steps


Video Lessons

Based off of each month’s theme of this transformation experience, I will share my heart to yours, from my home to yours.  Not only will I share what I learned during my Love Affair with God, but I will also share additional insights from what I’m continuing to learn each day on my own journey of personal growth and discovery.  This will bring the content to life and help you to take it to heart even more! Also, all the resources that I mention in this program will be included in case you want to explore them further.


BONUS Programs

You’ll have access to two of my favorite topics to talk about – God’s BIG dream for your life and Inspired Secrets to Lasting Happiness!  I’ve recorded an inspirational trainings along with an insightful guide books to help steer you toward God’s dream for your life with a value of $147.


Like I said, it’s a priceless investment that I’m offering this year for $47.  This is a cost savings of $100 this year as it’s normally priced at $147.  There is a 100% money-back guarantee at any time during the 12 months of this transformational experience. If you have honestly done the work from the program and don’t feel that your heart has been inspired and transformed, you will get your money back.

$47 – 2022 program priceBuyNowButton

Janae10About the Author

Janae Bower is a transformational author, inspirational speaker and life-purpose coach.  Her mission is to inspire and transform hearts at work, in the home, and above and beyond.  Through FaithWalk Retreats, she encourages women of faith to live boldly and fearlessly. Janae loves her faith and created the Love Affair with God transformational experience, her newest program, to help inspired women fall deeply in love with God.

Through her business Finding IT Janae works with Inspired Women – those who are purpose-driven,heart-centered and serious about their personal transformation – to create inventive solutions and intentional planning so they can live purposeful, balanced and grateful lives.  Janae is especially grateful for her husband, John, and their three sons – Gavin, Grant and Garrett.

Here’s what Janae has to say about her most recent eBook: “Love Affair with God is my life’s work, a reflection of both my childhood dream and destiny.  I spent the first 40 years of my life ‘Finding IT’ and plan to spend the next 40+ years ‘Giving IT Away’– helping others find God’s love and destiny for their lives.”

For more how Janae, as a beacon of God’s love, brightens, enlightens and ignites those on the path of personal transformation:



I look forward to working and walking together in faith! If you chose not to, may the love of God fill your life full of love!

From my heart to yours, be love…


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